Design is about
enabling ideas

Our design is about enabling ideas, processes and products: making them approachable, usable, desirable and memorable.

If you have an idea, we can visualize it.  We have both the software and the people to execute design drafting in 2D and 3D for all disciplines. We deliver 3D animations and 2D & 3D maps.


Engineering solutions
that work

We understand creativity!  When ideas come to us, we come up with engineering solutions that work with − and often enhance − the creative concept. If you know what you want to achieve but don’t know how to build it, that’s where we come in.

Conceived with fire in the soul, and executed with clinical precision – we translate creative ideas and designs into technical drawings and building methods.

Our skilled CAD technicians break down design concepts into individual manufactured elements, providing detailed specifications for each item to be manufactured, while our structural engineers and project managers oversee the process and the outcome.

We carefully consider the best materials and finishes to be integrated with efficient and sustainable building processes. Great ideas are the starting point −, but the next challenge lies in creating a bridge between the conceptual and the practical. (‘the true challenge’ seems to overshadow ‘great ideas’, which the client is very proud of)

Creative manufacturing

Creative manufacturing
brings design to life

Our production is about bringing designs to life with creativity and expertise.

We are experienced in the use of a wide variety of materials and finishes, and we have in-depth knowledge of traditional construction methods which we integrate with the latest manufacturing technologies.

When required, we also partner with our extensive network of specialists. Large format printing and graphic applications are part of our service. We ensure that all of our production processes are cutting-edge to achieve the most efficient and high-quality outcomes possible.

We believe that having so much under one roof, throughout the production process, gives us a control and adaptability that cannot be matched by any other provider.


by experienced field teams

Whatever we make, we are happy to install. We can deliver virtually anything, anywhere.

We have experience installing in all kinds of venues and environments. And with our flexible transport & warehousing solutions, we take good care of all materials.

Project management
& consultancy

Production Management
& Consultancy

We offer our clients end-to-end service. From ideation and design resolution through to fabrication and final installation.

We tailor our service completely to your needs. You can contact us with a loose concept or with a fully-conceived design ready to build. We work closely with your team to fill in the gap.

Show control

Show control

We provide highly specialized teams to set up and operate technical shows.

As an independent production group with a comprehensive partner network, we can provide the best market deals from technical service providers on all kind of technical equipment and SPFX.